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Welcome to the ILWU Local #4 Website

This is the homepage of the Local #4 International Longshore and Warehouse Union, which represents Longshore workers in Vancouver, WA U.S.A.

Since 1937 ILWU members have been providing skilled labor to the Port of Vancouver and to other northwest ports for the purpose of loading and un-loading cargo for all destinations world wide. Local 4 was chartered with the ILWU on September the 20th 1937.

In local 4 currently there are 117 class A-registered Longshore workers along with 60 class B-registered and about 109 casual part time dockworkers. That provides dockside and shoreside service to the waterfront. The local is third in membership size on the Columbia River and seventh coastwide.

Annually, longshoremen handle over 400 ocean-going vessels, as well as river barges, with a total cargo volume exceeding 5 million metric tons. United Grain Corporation is the largest wheat exporting elevator on the U.S. West Coast and local 4’s biggest employer. The elevator, originally built in 1934, is among the most efficient handlers of grain in the world.